Great White Snark: "I can show you that when it starts to rain, everything's the same."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"I can show you that when it starts to rain, everything's the same."

Once again, a conflict has arisen between myself and my mother, today regarding my outfit of choice.

This morning, Mom and I decided to go garage sale-ing, and it was wet and rainy, so I decided to wear my rain boots (practical, right?). And the only way to wear rain boots is either with pants or leggings/skirt/dress. Well, part of the downside of being only slightly over 5 feet tall is the fact that your pants ALWAYS drag on the floor. It being wet outside, I didn't want sopping, muddy hems, so I opted for a skirt and leggings. Then I added my raincoat, and a hat because I didn't feel like bothering with my hair.

Also: GARAGE SALES. Who am I dressing up for anyway??

My clothes:

Well, about halfway through our expedition my mom goes, "Well, that's a colorful little suit you have on today, Mary." And then it's like she couldn't let it go.

Things My Mom Said To Describe My Outfit:
-that it looked like I had a dish rag/pillow case on my head
-I went into my closet and wore ALL THE THINGS (my mom DOES read Hyperbole and a Half. WINNING)

-it's no wonder old people think I'm cute, because it looks like I raided their wardrobes
-this face:

What My Dad Said To Describe My Outfit:
"The top half looks like eastern, Russian orthodox, and the bottom half looks very British mod."

What Bixby Said To Describe My Outfit:
"Snuffle snuffle snort lick." Which means, "Oh Mary! You look beautiful!"

The opinions of my dog and dad aren't really important because they're kind of neutral (Bixby ALWAYS takes my side, so it's not fair to take his thoughts into account). So here's the question:

With whom do you agree: me or my mom?


  1. Can I please tell you how many times my mom would say such things as "is that what you're wearing today?" or even just a look that meant "Sigh... I guess I can be seen in public with you." Now that my mom is no longer with me to question my every wardrobe choice, my husband and I have daily "Will you be seen in public with me in this outfit?" conversations...

  2. I love how your dad explained it... and I agree with you, it's a GARAGE sale. C'mon. Plenty of people at garage sales, flea markets & other things like that wear outfits far crazier-looking. It's almost expected to be a lil' artsy, at least in my experience.

  3. It was raining outside, what does she expect you to look like a fashion model everyday? I can guarantee that I will hear about this from my mother,and it will be nice and drawn out, the way grandma tells stories (right?) lol

  4. I just want to say that I love your blog.