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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sharing = caring.

Things I want to share with you:

1. My boy is SO CUTE!

2. A good friend of mine introduced me to the delights of Regina Spektor years ago, and I recently discovered this song and wanted you to know about it, too:

3. I have coupon codes for, so if any of you need books, GO THERE and GET SOME.
Save $2 off $20
Coupon code: THIN

Save $5 off $50
Coupon code: RED

Save $10 off $100
Coupon code: LINE

4. While we're talking about shopping, ladies, if you need tank tops (which you do, face it. Especially if you're a local reader. YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA.) we just clearanced a TON at the Oviedo Plato's. So go check it out!

That is all. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this weather!!

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