Great White Snark: Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me.

I haven't done one of these in AGES, so I have lots of links saved up! Just in time for the weekend! Whee!

-Just in time for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, here's a list of sexy Halloween costumes that should never have happened.

-Here's an absolutely asinine article featuring bra shopping tips. I was just told to take a friend bra shopping (uh, NO?), glue rhinestones on the straps and own as many bras as I own shoes IN ONE ARTICLE. I didn't think this much stupid could exist in one written place. Apparently, I was wrong.

-For those of you wondering, here's the more realistic "expectations vs. reality" bra shopping experience.

-This blogis just really pretty and has a great inspirational aesthetic.

-This article features some really interesting thoughts on one of my favorite topics, self-consciousness. Is it real or in our heads?

-It's official: Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal.

-For the person who doesn't know how to write a proper letter, the "Buruea of Communication" has taken the guess work out of it.

-I have yet to try these, but I have every intention of doing so over Christmas break: cute, free paper toys to print and put together! How awesome is this?!?

-Tips for college classroom manners from the Etiquette Queen, Emily Post.

-Another favorite topic of mine: how to be alone.

-Here are 9 Ways to Supercharge the Positivity in Your Life. I actually find most of these useful and not a bunch hippie-dippy New Age crap.

-Here's 101 Ways to Have a Great Day. I APPROVE.

-And finally, a cool post from one of my favorite websites, The Brave Girls' Club. If you're feeling down or in need of some daily pick-me-ups, I highly recommend their daily email, "A Little Bird Told Me."


{Also, this is an unrelated note, but if you love cheap clothing or if you love me and want me to keep having a job, then PLEASE go to the Oviedo's Plato's Closet. If you don't love me, then what the hell, get off my blog. Anyway, you should go shop there. AND, if you bring anything in to sell, you get 10% off any purchase. Even if we don't take your stuff. So go! It's a fun place!}

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