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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I follow Tom Felton on Twitter, and he seems like such a sweet, well-mannered guy...always doing stuff for charity and whatnot.

Then I accidentally come across photos like this

and I feel as though I've walked in on the sordid, fetishistic sex life of a mild acquaintance.


Why do you think family mattered more to the Malfoys (or specifically Narcissa) than obeying Voldemort?
I'm not so sure I'd go as far as saying family mattered more to Lucius. I think by the 7th book, Lucius Malfoy has had such a fall from grace that he's a shell of his former imposing self as seen in Chamber of Secrets. Maybe at the very end he was confronted with the reality of everything he'd lost and made the switch wholeheartedly but I tend not to believe that. As far as Narcissa is concerned, she was never a Death Eater. She didn't have the mark or anything--she was just lumped in there by familial association. It's clear throughout the series (especially, to me, in the 6th book) that she loves Draco and wanted better for him than the life she and his father had been sucked into. So for her, I don't feel like her allegiance was ever 100%. She was just the sister of his "first lieutenant" and wife of his right-hand man.

I wish the books had given the Malfoys, or at least Draco, a bit more redemption. Like I said, I'm not sure I buy anything regarding Lucius. But I wish Narcissa and Draco had gotten that moment (like Kreacher's) where they reconcile themselves with the right side. We get the odd head-nod moment at the train station 19 years later, but that was never good enough for me. I feel like Draco's a more complicated character than that and deserved a better ending.


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