Great White Snark: Music is like fashion, it changes. But some things will always be the same.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Music is like fashion, it changes. But some things will always be the same.

I've always felt like fashion and music are inexorably linked. But that has absolutely nothing to do with why I'm doing this post.

Mostly, this is the result of me having too much time on my hands and a Polyvore account. And iTunes.

I know I've already done fangirl/girlcrush posts on Grace Slick and Joan Jett (I had one all set for Stevie Nicks but just never got around to it), so I thought I'd do a fashion-esque post on 4 of my favorite "women of rock," if you will.

Debbie Harry

Let's face it. Debbie Harry is HOT. She's just beautiful to look at. She has that distinctive pop-with-an-edge voice, was the first woman (and probably the only white girl!) to have a rap single, and her style remains inspirational (just google "Debbie Harry style"). Of course I had to include her. Her look is...I'm not sure how you'd describe it, but you know it when you see it (Nylon magazine is FULL of it). Cut-off shorts, leggings, oversized graphic tee's, and awesome footwear make it. Hoop earrings, bright 80's-tastic eye makeup, and teased hair finish it all off. With the 80's revival that's STILL going on, she still makes a great style inspiration.

Stevie Nicks

When I die, I hope that my wardrobe in heaven is an exact replica of Stevie Nicks's. First of all, she's got such a distinctive voice--that deep, wavering timbre that sets her apart from everyone else. When my brother first heard her, he goes, "yeah, that guy's not bad." I thought she was a man, too! But she's not. She's just got an awesome almost-country-but-not-quite voice. And then HER CLOTHES. Anytime I think of Stevie, I think of drapey fabrics, feathers, and an almost Medieval hippie-esque aesthetic. I feel like she's one of those people who if you see her on stage, you know immediately who she is. If I saw her on the street wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I'd probably walk right by her. Her style is so ingrained in who she is, and I LOVE that, because it's a pretty sweet style. GOOGLE HER. Flowy fabrics, hippie styles (maxi dresses, peasant tops, flared jeans) and ethereal accessories (corset belts, LOTS of feathers, flowers, etc.) make up her look. Add a wide-brimmed hat and you're golden. Seriously. What's NOT to love?

Grace Slick

Grace Slick. I love you. The end.
She's the queen of the San Fransisco psychedelia scene (along with friend and fellow hippie girl, Janis Joplin), and it comes through in her music. Anything reminiscent of the late 60's is okay style-wise for Grace--bellbottoms, long skirts, beads and funky jewelry--AND she played Woodstock. So typical music festival style is perfectly acceptable (hence the outfit on the far right). Mostly, I feel, that anything you want goes as long as you have Grace's confidence to pull it off.

Joan Jett

And finally. Joan Jett. The queen of my musical heart. I adore her and everything about her--her ability to shred the guitar, her throaty, raspy, tough-love lyrics, her "I don't give a damn about my reputation" personality (and song, of course), and her general badassness. And of course, her style. I wish I could dress like Joan Jett everyday and get away with it. Alas. I'm not badass enough. I digress.
Things to add a little Joan to your wardrobe: skinny jeans, the color black, graphic tees, leather, studs, boots, corset tops, and eyeliner. I even made a girly outfit up there to show that you can mix tough and girlie and it works nicely. They balance each other out.

Anyway, that's that. Also, I wanted to share a recipe for two cupcakes that I found, and I think this is perfect for when you want something sweet but don't want to a) make 24 cupcakes, because, I mean, they're good, but who can eat TWENTY-FOUR? and b) it's cheaper than going out and buying half a dozen, which is still like the smallest amount you can get from Publix. So, enjoy! And rock on.

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