Great White Snark

Friday, July 8, 2011

What would a Boggart turn into if you were confronted with it? What would you use to disarm it and your fear?
This could be two things, depending. My first and biggest "surface" fear, I guess, is of blood and/or needles. So the boggart might be a nurse coming at me to take my blood, or might turn into a gorily injured person or animal. My deeper fears have to do with things being taken from me and ending up alone. So, you let your imagination run wild with that.

And whatever I did to get rid of the boggart, it sure as hell wouldn't be that creepy-ass clown that Parvati Patil thought was FUNNY.

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  1. Fear of heights. I cannot imagine how that would look since it focuses more on the sensation of falling, which would probably require the transformation of the surrounding area/room/etc. (btw, I read my whole comment thus far in Lupin's voice. Oh yeah.) :)

    I agree about the clown -- it's like a distant cousin of IT.