Great White Snark: It's gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME.

The time has come the Walrus said for you to be introduced to "A Very Potter Musical."

I'm only posting the first part, but you can and should watch the rest on Youtube.

Here's the deal with this. I am in awe of this group's creativity (they wrote it) and talent (they performed it). I like that I knew who Darren Criss was pre-Glee. It is slow and somewhat dull in some parts, but that's the beauty of Youtube. Also, it's catchy. And there's a very hilarious sequel (featuring Umbridge--played by the Voldemort guy--and Lupin). And Draco Malfoy is played by a GIRL. What more can you possibly want out of life??
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How do you think Snape stomached/dealt with being able to watch Voldemort kill and torture others? How do you think he evaded being detected by Voldemort? Do you think he enjoyed it in some ways?
It's my thought that Snape had always had somewhat of a rough upbringing. He lived in Spinner's End, which Bellatrix deemed a "muggle pigsty," and, from what I gathered from "The Prince's Tale," his father was, if not abusive, then distant and disapproving. So he'd probably had a rough go of it all along. Then of course he became a Death Eater, and only switched sides in order to protect Lily Potter. So he'd probably seen some things in his time.

As far as escaping Voldemort's notice, I have really no idea. Dumbledore always goes on about how good at Occlumency/Legilimency Snape was, but you'd have to be PRETTY DARN GOOD in order to get past Voldemort. In my humble opinion, it was Snape's love for Lily that kept him safe from Voldemort's probing. Time and time again throughout the series we're shown that Voldemort underestimates and is blindsided by love. And I do believe that Snape loved Lily, and it was the driving motivation behind his every act, including lying to Voldemort.

And as far as him enjoying it, perhaps. I mean, he was so greasy and creepy, can you really picture him ever being happy with a kid on his knee and puppy in the yard? Some people are just drawn to that darker side of life. I believe Snape was one of them.

What are your thoughts on Snape in regards to his service to Voldemort?

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