Great White Snark: Feed the birds.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feed the birds.

I'd like to introduce you to my neighbors.

Allow me to introduce the resident blue jay, who calls himself Julius Jagger (yes, as in Mick from the Rolling Stones). I've heard his true name is unpronouncable, so predictably, he went with a "J" name. He's the rockstar of the neighborhood. He's as proud of his plumage as he is messy and loud. When he's feeding, all others best stay away until he's finished. Even the squirrels defer to his charisma. Dustie and Renica (below) will sometimes sit on the ground nearby, gossipping and eating what food he drops. I think they're fangirls. He loves it.

Bartholomew Wallingsford is a red-winged blackbird. He's very mysterious. He often keeps to himself and feeds alone. The other birds (save the cardinals) seem leery of him, perhaps because of his dark color and seemingly dark nature. He's often associated with Grackles (aka: your common blackbirds), but he's clearly not. He's got the red badge of courage, a family crest...all of that.

I can't tell if this is Sasha or Sinead...I call them Sasha and Sinead Thrasher, even though I don't know if they're actually sisters. They're new here. What I do know is that Sasha and Sinead have taken up residence in a bush at the front of the house, and both of them have built nests in the bush. It's extremely unusual for two birds to nest in such close proximity. Both are Brown Thrashers, but whether they're sisters or close roomates remains to be revealed.

Here's Sasha's nest. She hasn't laid her eggs yet. Neither has Sinead, but her nest is a few branches over. They're EXTREMELY protective. They holler and flap their wings in your face if you get too close! I hope my taking pictures didn't scare her and Sinead off to nest someplace else. It'd be so exciting to have baby Thrashers!

This is Mr. Sebastian Redfeather. His wife, Carlotta, isn't pictured but she's usually at the feeder with him. They talk to Dustie and Renica (below), and occasionally Bartholomew when he's feeling greagarious.

These are Dustie and Renica, two girl mourning doves who just sit around ad gossip all day whilst eating seed. They're incredibly nosy and know everything about everyone. Despite that, they're very skittish and mostly keep their secrets to themselves.

Dustie's more the ham of the two. As evidenced by her dancing feet:


This is my favorite. His name is Sir Tucker Twittercheep. He's a tufted titmouse, and very shy, but he occasionally frequents my window feeder to say "Good evening," when Millie's squirrel has abandoned its post (it has seriously moved onto my windowsill. It sleeps there and everything.). He's extremely chivalrous and is often off doing other noble deeds. Very shy, but most regal. I'm honored by his presence.

Those are my neighbors! I'm hoping to have a painted bunting and perhaps some goldfinches move in sometime. Even though finch season is over. Sometimes there are still stragglers as late as June. :)

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