Great White Snark: There were VEGETABLES in the gaaaarden!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There were VEGETABLES in the gaaaarden!


It hasn't died. And I haven't really forgotten so much as I've been lazy. It's doing SWIMMINGLY, in fact! Observe:

These are our beans and radishes. They've both done really very well, considering the heat and everything. I'd recommend beans, radishes and tomatoes to anyone looking for Florida-hearty plants.

A couple of our green peppers (one of which I believe is going into some sort of bean and rice dish tomorrow...if so, I'll let you all know how it tasted).

They're getting large enough to pick now, so we've had a couple of radishes and beans and peppers. YUM.

Since we've had some marginal success, we decided to plant some squashes (above, butternut and zucchini if my memory serves me correctly. Which I promise you, it never does.) and watermelon (below).

Artistic photo is artistic.

Our potted tomatoes have gotten bigger. It'll be a while before they're ripe enough for eating but OMG SPEAKING OF TOMATOES...

LOOK AT HOW BIG THE BEEFMASTER HAS GOTTEN. He is a giant amongst vegetables.

These are his offspring, which I'm sure will be delicious (tell me how many times you can actually SAY that sentence with relevance in polite society?!).

And yes. I'm now on my way to being dwarfed by a tomato. Laugh, I invite you. I do it all the time. ;)

So that's the garden! If you missed my first post or obsessively want to compare the sizes of our growing veg like I do you can catch it here.

I highly recommend planting something. If you think about it, and this is really sad, gardening or growing plants of any kind is really the most contact any of us have with the Earth. Like, actually touching, digging, getting it under your fingernails, in the soil and Earth. And it's also a connection with the past. Humans have been planting and growing since the beginning of time, and it's neat to engage in an activity that's so ancient without feeling like an obsessive freak. It's really cool. And it's very rewarding when you pick and eat something (that tastes NOTHING like storebought vegetables, for better or worse) that YOU GREW from a tiny insignificant SEED. It's pretty awesome. But only if you think about it a lot like me or are a tree-hugging hippie. Ideally if you're a deep-thinking tree-hugging hippie.

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